Scout report

We've received reports that the Grinch has been spotted in the Sanctuary. Our forces are gathering to hunt down that inglorious bastard.

Join our crusade! Find our contact info! Here!


Merry vacation

and a happy new D3 season.

Cya on monday 4/1.

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11/13M (The) tyrant dethroned

Search. Locate. Bind. Gag. Old, smelly giant sock over head.

Drag into shed. Strap to chair. Open bottomless sack of presents. Rip off wrapping. Find that 1 ring.

Enter Citadel. Use it to melt all demons. Staring competition with tyrant.

Win. Toss over edge. Go grab beardy. Also chair since tyrant had horse legs.

Nod finger. "No, no, no, and ho, ho ho. You'll stay here and give us what we want until we're done with you. Blackbeard can do your other job since they won't see any difference after a chimney trip."